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Rosanna has been featured in: Rosanna has been featured on the GC, Sports Illustrated, Playboy, Zoo Weekly and Slitz.
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Tone and grow your booty with

Rosanna's personal exercise and diet program

The exercises and diet plan I personally use to build my booty and maintain my body!
Over 90 different videos of me showing you how to perform the exercises.
Personalised Diet Plans updated monthly to keep pace with your progress
Fresh gym and home workouts every week including cardio to keep you interested and motivated. Workouts are suited to all levels so why don't you give it a try.
Program Goals:
Month 1 - Wake up and activate your booty
Month 2 - Grow and tone your booty
Month 3 - Grow your booty and shape your thighs and waist
Month 4+ Maintain your booty and improve your physique


$6.23 USD / week


Recurring $27 USD monthly


$4.38 USD / week


Recurring $57 USD 3-Monthly

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About Rosanna

Hello, and welcome to my new website... It's the result of requests from many of my followers about how I stay in shape and achieve my booty. A little bit about me. I was born in Australia but was raised in rural New Zealand. Growing up in the country was so much fun, I really miss it and always look forward to my trips home to see my family.

My modelling career started while I was still at high school and it wasn't too long until I decided that it was the career for me. As soon as I finished school I moved back to Australia, to the sun and beaches of the Gold Coast.

While living in Australia I modelled for various magazines and did promotional work. My career really took off when I became a cast member of the reality TV series 'The GC' which premiered in 2012 (we did 3 seasons). From there people started recognizing me on the street and my social following went crazy and started to grow rapidly. I even competed in a celebrity boxing match against a fellow kiwi girl which was hard work but a rewarding if painful experience :)

In life my basic philosophy is to live a healthy, active and positive lifestyle as much of the time as possible. Sure you fall off the wagon from time to time but that's ok. Through my modelling I have worked out what works for me to stay healthy and look good and this is what I am passing onto you with my new program. Enjoy it and keep a healthy and positive attitude and you will get to where you want to be.

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